The X(cellent) Files

As the name implies, this page is a "best-of" archive of articles dealing with Last Days prophecy and related events. Since nobody has complete knowledge except God, for the sake of study, we will post intelligent articles that reflect different viewpoints.

We will not post speculative, date-setting and similar unscriptural material. The Truth is not out there, so, casually. The Truth is to be found in the Word of God .

Articles outlined in green are time-relevant.

  1. The Days of the Plague (Covid 19)
  2. Syria and Egypt vs. Israel - One Last Time
  3. What Are the Social Consequences of Evolution?
  4. Cashless Society: Bill Gates Goes Viral on Digital ID and Digital Currency
  5. Preparation for Delusion
  6. Mystery Babylon
  7. A Moment for Truth
  8. Growing cold on the Eve of Destruction
  9. Damascus Will No Longer Be a City
  10. Ezekiel' War - A Russian-Led Invasion of Israel
  11. 8 Good Reasons Why Enoch Must Be One of the Two Witnesses
  12. Knowing and Loving God
  13. What's Happening to Faith?
  14. Letters to the Apostle Paul
  15. The Seven Judgments
  16. The Justice of God
  17. coming soon
  18.  coming soon
  19. The Spirit of Antichrist
  20. Rosh ashanah: The Feast of Trumpets
  21. Genetic Modification
  22. King of the Jews
  23. Oil in Israel
  24. The Judgment Seat of Christ
  25. The Jerusalem Covenant
  26.  Gog of Magog
  27. The Seduction of Christianity
  28. Does it Matter?
  29. coming soon
  30. It is Written
  31. The Great White Throne Judgment
  32. Jesus or Yeshua ?
  33. Islam and the Gospel
  34. Jesus and the Jews
  35. The Holiness of God
  36. The Day of the Lord
  37. Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem!!
  38. Divine Condemnation of the Occult
  39. The Many States of Palestine
  40. The Mark of the Beast
  41. The Omniscience of God
  42. The Underlying Cause of the Arab-Israel Conflict
  43. The Reproach of the Solemn Assembly
  44. coming soon
  45. What About Hell?
  46. The Origin and Fall of Satan / Satan's World Strategy
  47. The Incarnation: Why Would God Do Such a Thing
  48. SomeThings Are Not Negotiable
  49. coming soon
  50. Whatever Happened to Repentance?
  51. That Mysterious Trinity
  52. The End of Daze
  53. The Creation
  54. Earnestly Contend
  55. The Destruction of America
  56. Why Everything Is the Way It Is
  57. Artificial Milk
  58. Hallowed Be Your Name
  59. That Incredible Christian