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The years of the Plague (Covid 19)

Why do the nations rage, And the people plot a vain thing?
The kings of the earth set themselves, And the rulers take counsel together,
Against the Lord and against His Anointed, saying, “Let us break Their bonds in pieces And cast away Their cords from us.”
He who sits in the heavens shall laugh;  The Lord shall hold them in derision.
Then He shall speak to them in His wrath, And distress them in His deep displeasure:
“Yet I have set My King On My holy hill of Zion.”
Psalm 2:1-6

It defies the imagination of the most sophisticated thinkers, philosophers or theologians about how God is able to turn the entire world on its head with a small, almost invisible organism. His big guns are reserved for later, but for the moment He is tapping us on the shoulder and saying: "Hello, I am here. Still."

Despite all attempts to declare HIM "illegal alien" on this planet, the Creator insists and laughs at the folly of the men He created. Not long ago, it was the Communists (properly known as godless) who flat-out denied His existence. Today it's just about everybody, including many apostates within the Church, with no connection to what form of government they adhere to. God does not exist, period. And if perchance He could be located, He would have a lot to answer for. To these rebels, He is responsible for everything wrong or perceived as such, by them, created men, who have been running the show on earth since Adam.

The first created man had the same impudent response when queried by God about his behavior:

Then the man said, “The woman whom You gave to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I ate.”
Genesis 3:12 So,

this has been mankind's leit-motif ever since. We do it all, then blame someone else for our mistakes. But, as we approach the End of this present era, events will point and focus on the God of the Bible, Who has practically been left out of human affairs or worse, given lip service by lukewarm believers.
Point in case, in this coronavirus times, can you name a political leader or government which has told his subjects to invoke the Name of the Lord and pray for His Mercy? Someone will remind me that President Trump did, but he, like God, doesn't count. It seems that leaders, presidents, prime ministers, king and queens have placed their faith on scientists and big pharma for the magic cure which will defeat this monster, actually quite beautiful in its microscopic little self.

Pietro Arnese