What is it all about

Who am I?
Where do I come from?
Where am I going?
What's it all about?

From time immemorial, the fertile imagination of man has produced countless 'scientific' explanations, theories, philosophies, tales, religions etc.., geared to answer these most basic questions of life. The answers (from the same hyperactive minds) range from the very banal to the very ridiculous: Primordial soups, swinging monkeys, homeless extraterrestrials and little gods with mind problems are some of the most common propositions we are being offered in our days and times. Explanations so absurd that any sane person would certainly laugh them into oblivion.

Instead many tell us with a straight face that we are gods, but that we have simply forgotten it. A forgetful god is a very disturbing, dangerous and just plain terrible state to be in, not to mention a contradiction of terms (a god being by definition, above such human frailties).

At the opposite end we have those who look affectionately at primates as their 'grandparents' in spite of a total lack of scientific proof. (No missing links, or transitional forms have ever been found and never will) And then somebody should explain this:
If monkeys at one point in time got tired of hanging on trees and eating bananas, and, with urban penthouses and Crêpes Suzette beckoning on the horizon decided to get their act together and become 'civilized' and add class and sophistication to their life, shed their fur, (too unbecoming) walk erect, (like a man) think, talk, invent and make things, all of which generally created the horrible mess in which they (we) find themselves today, a step short of self-destruction, was this, may I ask, a smart evolutionary step? Doesn't evolution lead to improvement? Wouldn't it then, have been better for them to remain as they were? Monkeys yes, but monkeys with a chance?

And what about present day monkeys? Why are they still in their original monkey-state? Were they too stupid, too shy, too lazy, too self-content to jump on the evolution bandwagon and better themselves?

There are no logical answers to these questions, only excuses. Most scientists are privately embarrassed by the theory, but they cling to it for want of a better explanation and/or excuse. The Bible tells us simply that God created man. It actually takes far less faith to believe in this single fact than in any other given explanation.

What then, is the meaning of these past few thousand years which man has recorded as history?

To some it is only a chronological description of the birth, decline and fall of nations, of great leaders, of battles and wars, of treaties, of great inventions and discoveries, of individual freedoms and social progress. Others believe that history is being piloted by secret groups and societies, to further their obscure ends. Freemasons, Illuminati, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group and the CFR are today's more quoted conspirators.

There are the cynics who believe that history is a hopeless and endless circle of events leading nowhere, and the optimists, who believe humanity is on the edge of a 'New Age of wisdom, love, global unity and all that stuff, and which will be brought about by man's awakened hidden inner powers, or with a little help from our friendly ETs. Choose one.Or both.
While some of these positions may have a relatively limited objective reality, (for example, there is no denying the fact that there exist secret and semi-secret societies), a more sober and pragmatic look at planet earth's present condition should be more than enough to warn any sane person that the patient is hopelessly terminal. But it could be the fault of atomic radiation, or air pollution, or tweenkies, or microwave ovens, or cell phones, or the Internet, or sci-fi movies, but people have never been so dazed and confused as they are at present.
The word sanity has absolutely no meaning in our modern world, being, as everything else today , "relative."   So what is it all about? It's not rich against poor, white against black, communism against democracy, man against woman, nor anybody or anything against anybody or anything. Why, it's not even God against the devil. This last entity couldn't even bat an eyelash if God would not allow it.

Deep inside, we all know that there must be more to life than just eating, drinking and doing our own thing.

Otherwise, living has no meaning whatsoever and we are no better than animals.
But there is indeed a PURPOSE to our existence as there is a FINAL DESTINATION awaiting all of us, and for most it will be a quite a shocking surprise. Some have described life as being a gift, a test, a battleground, a pilgrimage, and while there is some truth to these descriptions, it is extremely reductive to limit it to that only.

Life is much more than any single or composite perception we may have of it and we must honestly admit that we are not able to fully comprehend the miracle of it (notwithstanding all the genetic and genome hoopla of recent headlines - scientists may discover and recombine the so-called "building blocks of life", but they can't create them). Probably, a better definition would be to say that life is a process of selection, albeit a spiritual selection.
From Adam and Eve onward, the basic needs of mankind  other than breathing, food and water have been and remained the same:
The need to love and to be loved, to feel accepted, to express our individual God-given talents, to be happily satisfied of our existence, to be at peace.

However, these basic needs can be easily manipulated by the wrong input and gradually, they come to mean something quite different and even opposite from what God had intended for us.
The selection process starts with our response to the call of God. When we hear the Gospel, something stirs inside of us. It's our conscience that dares to reach out from the quagmire it has been sunk into. It's that dormant need to be "at peace," to be "whole" in us that gets awakened and that if acted upon will bring us speedily to Calvary, the only door and passageway to our quest. It's a flash of light and hope in an otherwise dark and anonymous existence.

The beginning and the end of a story are usually found at the beginning and at the end pages of a book. The Bible, in its initial and closing chapters, gives us the answer to those fundamental and existential questions we asked above. Go read Genesis chapters 1, 2 and 3 and then Revelation chapters 19, 20, 21, and 22. If you are a Christian, your past and future is described there. If you are not a Christian, well, your past and your future is described there as well.
You don't believe it? That's quite all right, God gives you that privilege. However, your unbelief is not going to stop God and His purposes, and it will certainly not stop what is coming your way.

Look at it from this point of view: Statistically, you have a 50% chance that there is no God and therefore you are not accountable to anybody for your life and actions. By the same mathematical formula you do have a 50% chance that there is a God who is observing you and who will judge your life.
While living, we have at all times the opportunity to correct our mistakes. Getting rid of our rebellious attitude towards God is the greatest mistake that we can correct, should we want to. At the same time, there is no uncorrected error as serious for its final, dramatic and eternal consequences, than that of refusing the free grace that God offers to all.

God is keeping tabs. Our loving Creator, without violating our right to a free will, has done everything possible to make our choice a positive one. He is patiently awaiting our individual response to His call.

Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.
Rev 3:20

The appointed times of His patience are coming to an end. Soon His holy and righteous judgement will be poured upon rebel mankind. So it is written, and so shall it be.

Pietro Arnese