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Few Muslims these days have the courage to support Israel and condemn terror. Sheik Abdul Hadi Palazzi, a highly educated imam, professor, cofounder and cochairman of the Islamic-Israel Fellowship, and a leader of the Italian Islamic Community, is an exception. He spoke recently with Jamie Glazov, managing editor of FrontPageMagazine.com, who gave us permission to reprint Prof. Palazzi's comments. Here are a few excerpts.

PALAZZI: Israel exists by Divine Right, confirmed in both the Bible and Qur'an. I find in the Qur'an that God granted the Land of Israel to the Children of Israel and ordered them to settle therein ( Qur'an Sura 5:21) and that before the Last Day He will bring the Children of Israel to retake possession of their Land, gathering them from different countries and nations ( Qur'an Sutra 17:104). Consequently, as a Muslim who abides by the Qur'an, I believe that opposing the existence of the State of Israel means opposing a Divine decree. Every time Arabs fought against Israel they suffered humiliating defeats. In opposing the will of God by making war on Israel, Arabs were in effect making war on God Himself. They ignored the Qur'an and God punished them.

Now having learned nothing from defeat after defeat, Arabs want to obtain through terror what they were unable to obtain through war: the destruction of the State of Israel. The result is quite predictable. As they have been defeated in the past, the Arabs will be defeated again. In 1919, Emir Feisal (leader of the Hashemite family, i.e., the leader of the family of the Prophet muhammad) reached an Agreement with Chaim Weizmann for the creation of a Jewish State and an Arab Kingdom having the Jordan River as a border between them. Emir Feisal wrote, "We feel that the Arabs and Jews are cousins in race, having suffered similar oppressions at the hands of powers stronger than themselves, and by a happy coincidence have been able to take the first steps towards the attainment of their national ideals together.

The Arabs, especially the educated among us, look with the deepest sympathy on the Zionist movement." In Feisal's time, none claimed that accepting the creation of the State of Israel and befriending Zionism was against Islam. Even the Arab leaders who opposed the Feisal-Weizman Agreement never resorted to an Islamic argument to condemn it. unfortunately, that Agreement was never implemented, since the British opposed the creation of the Arab Kingdom and chose to give sovereignty over Arabia to Ibn Sa'ud's marauders, i.e., to the forefathers of the House of Sa'ud. When the Saudis started ruling an oil-rich kingdom, they also started investing a regular part of their wealth in spreading Wahhabism worldwide. Wahhabism is a totalitarian cult that stands for terror, massacre of civilians, and for permanent war against Jews and Christians, and non-Wahhabi Muslims.

The influence of Wahhabism in the contemporary Arab world is such that many Arab Muslims are convinced that in order to be a good muslim, one must hate Israel and hope for its destruction. Incidentally, in countries where Wahhabism did not spread, this idea is not rooted. An organization called "Muslim for Israel" was recently founded in Canada. A pro-Israeli Muslim journalist from Canada tells that some muslims support her openly, yet many more Muslims tell her, "We are with you, but are afraid to tell it." The same happens to me. Al-Qaida is a Saudi organization, created by the House of Sa'ud, funded with petro-dollars profits by the House of Sa'ud and used by the House of Sa'ud for acts of mass terror primarily against the West, and the rest of the world as well.

GLAZOV: Where does the soul of the suicide bomber go?

PALAZZI: Everyone who dies while committing capital sins such as suicide and murder will enter hellfire, except for the one who repents before death catches him. In Islam, both murder and suicide are capital sins about whose nature no Muslim can either doubt or claim ignorance. Every Muslim must know that committing suicide and murder are forbidden in Islam, exactly as every Muslim knows that daily prayers are five, that the month of fasting is Ramadan, that the destination of pilgrimages is Mecca, etc. Consequently, the one who dies as a a suicide bomber and who does so while wrongly believing that his action is in accordance with Islam, actually dies without having correct doctrinal faith and without any opportunity of repentance and consequently will permanently dwell in hellfire and will never be admitted to heaven.

An Exchange Between Susan Rosenbluth and Imam Abdul Hadi Palazzi
ROME, ITALY, September 18, 1998, Root & Branch:

SUSAN ROSENBLUTH: If I understand you correctly, you are saying that the anti-Jewish sentiments expressed by Islamic leaders throughout the Middle East are, in fact, not religious in nature, but, rather, political.

IMAM PALAZZI: That is exactly my point of view. The best proof of it is in the fact that Islamic anti-Judaism is quite recent. Omar ended the Roman ban that prevented Jews to enter Jerusalem, the Ummayad caliphs in Cordoba built a synagogue for Maimonides, and Salahu-d-Din, after defeating the Crusaders, wrote to the Jewish leaders, "Your exile is over. Whoever wants to come back is welcome." The late King Faysal of Iraq openly expressed his sympathy for the Zionist movement, while King Abdullah of Jordan was compelled to wage war against Israel by the other Arab leaders.

SUSAN ROSENBLUTH: Would this be correct, in reference to recent Palestinian-Arab Wakf pronouncements, such as: the Western Wall (Kotel) is not a Jewish shrine, but, rather, the wall to which the Prophet's beast was tethered, or, at best, the wall surrounding the Muslim Mosque? Is there any Koranic basis for the Wakf's pronouncement that should all of Hebron be turned over to the Palestinian Authority, Jews would be forbidden to pray in the Cave of the Patriarchs?

IMAM PALAZZI: These kinds of declarations by the PLO gangsters are ridiculous and absurd. The Kotel was effectively, according to the Islamic tradition, the place where al-Buraq was tethered, but it was already an existing part of the Herodian structure. Muslims have never prayed close to it, and it has never had a special relevance in Islam. On the contrary, everyone knows how important it is for Jewish worshippers. Apart from Mecca, no Islamic holy place is off-limits for non-Muslims. Historical sources say that the Prophet Muhammad entertained a delegation of Christians from Najran in the Mosque of Medina, and permitted them to celebrate a mass inside the Mosque, notwithstanding the fact that Christian rites can include words that are against Islam (i.e., calling Jesus "God", etc.). There is nothing in Jewish worship that can be offensive for Muslims, and nothing in Islamic Law prevents Jews to pray on Haram al-Sharif/Har Habayyit (the Temple Mount), in the Cave of Machpela or in any other place that is regarded as holy by Muslims. Every time I meet those who say otherwise, I ask them to identify a single authoritative Islamic source as legal proof of their claim. None of them has ever answered such a request of mine.

THE BIBLE SAYS: "In that day shall there be a highway out of Egypt to Assyria, and the Assyrian shall come into Egypt, and the Egyptian into the Assyrians. In that day shall Israel be the third with Egypt and with Assyria a blessing in the midst of the earth; for that the Lord of Hosts has blessed him, saying: 'Blessed be Egypt My people and Assyria the work of My hands, and Israel Mine inheritance." (Isaiah 19:23-25)



ROME, July 19, 1998.
I live in Rome and I am a clergyman (Imam) of the Italian Islamic Community. I consider myself a good friend of Israel and am trying my best to help Moslems free themselves from anti-Zionism and to develop a positive attitude toward Jews in general and towards Israelis in particular. I believe that Israeli Arabs live in a privileged position: they are the only Arabs in the Middle East who live in a democratic State. The comparison between the positive way that Israel treats them and the terrible way that refugees from "Palestine" were treated by their so-called Arab "brothers" is incredible.
I believe that "Palestinian identity" is something completely artificial: it was forged as a propagandistic tool against Israel. The strange fact is that, at least here in Europe, I have never heard an Arab from the Land of Israel ("Palestine") say: "I am Palestinian." Maybe this reflects the fact that here in Italy these Arab brothers live in a democracy, while in the Moslem Middle East every word that comes out of ones' mouth is monitored by dictatorial Arab authorities. Almost all of the Arabs here in Europe say "I am Jordanian, and, thank God, I have nothing to do with Arafat [Abdul Rauf el-Codbi el-Husseini] and his gang."

Please remember that the so-called hero of "Palestinian independence," the pro-Nazi Grand Mufti of British Mandate Palestine, Haj Amin al-Husseini, never claimed that "Palestinians" are to be an independent people: all of his official declarations state that "Palestine must be recognized as a integral part of Syria." The real "Palestinian State" is Jordan, and from a linguistic, ethnic, religious and cultural point of view there is nothing that can be identified as "typically Palestinian" and "non-Jordanian." You asked me if I "know that the dictatorial Jordanian regime is more corrupt than what we now have in in 'Palestine.'" You further sttate that the "Palestinian Authority is the best of all Arab governments." Frankly speaking, this makes me really wonder which world you are living in. I doubt that there is in today's world a more corrupt and criminal organization than the "Palestinian Authority." Arafat [Abdul Rauf el-Codbi el-Husseini] and his mob travel around the world asking for money to "help the Palestinian people." They hide this money in Swiss and Kuwaiti banks, while Arabs who live in Judea and Samaria (the "West Bank") and Gaza go hungry.

Did you forget that the leader of the Palestinian Authority is a bloodthirsty and moneythirsty criminal who murdered thousands of innocent persons? Don't you know that thousands of Arabs who regarded themselves as friend of the Jews, or only dared to criticize "the boss" were mercilessly butchered? Are you really unaware of the fact that, after signing a declaration against terrorism, Arafatians are still working hand-in-hand with Hamas terrorists? Look at recent newspapers: you will learn that Feisal Husseini, a representative of your alleged "best of all Arab governments," took part in Gaza in ceremonies celebrating an arch-terrorist.
By signing the so-called Oslo Agreement, Israel made the worst of mistakes: it legitimized a gang of killers in the eyes of worldwide public opinion. I believe that the Israeli government should have dealt with Arafat [Abdul Rauf el-Codbi el-Husseini] in the same way that it dealt with Adolf Eichmann. A Palestinian State will be a disaster for both Israelis and Arabs. The Israelis will lose their security and the Arabs will lose their freedom of speech under a criminal government. Since I love Israel, I ask God to protect it, and to help its leaders to understand that the only way to survive is to declare the Oslo Agreement null and void.
Sincerely yours, Prof. Abdul Hadi Palazzi Rome, Italy

Prof. Abdul Hadi Palazzi, of Rome, Italy, is Moslem Co-Chairman of the Root & Branch Association's Islam-Israel Fellowship, which encourages a positive Moslem attitude towards Jews and Israel based on a re-examination of the authentic teachings of Mohammed as revealed by the Koran and Hadith (Islamic oral tradition). Dr. Asher Eder of Jerusalem, Israel, is the Jewish Co-Chairman of the Islam-Israel Fellowship. Prof. Palazzi is also Secretary General of the Italian Muslim Association, an Imam (spiritual teacher) of the Italian Islamic Community, and holds a Ph.D in Islamic Sciences by decreee of the Grand Mufti of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
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