America under attack

Apocalypse soon - USA under attack

The unimaginable has happened. Not even the twisted minds of the Hollywood show business crowd could have imagined something as horrifying as what has transpired on American soil on September 11, 2001.

There are no words to express the horror. Something this monstrous, surely was spawned in the very pits of hell itself and found a home in the heart of degenerate men, who, blasphemously, thought they were doing God a favour.

Since those unforgetable initial moments, I have followed many reports, reactions and explanations while unfortunately, practically no one is confronting the prime cause.
The Palestinians dancing in the streets, message boards and chats screaming for nuclear revenge, sophisticated commentaries, man-in-the-street bewilderment, ecc ecc. Images and phantasies dancing in the over-stimulated heads of everyone, and yet no one ready to admit that America had it coming, (or rather, some have said so, but for derision purposes, which are not mine).

I love America, I want to make this perfectly clear. I think it has been a symbol of freedom in more ways than one. When I was a kid, growing up in Italy, America was seen as the Eldorado, the magical land of Oz, a land of strenght and power and the word American incuted respect. I remember that vividly. As "chance" would have it, I finally made it myself to America, and if the earlier visions were not precisely correct, the spirit was. In Los Angeles, where I had moved to become a rock star, ending instead as a sex, drugs and rock'n'roll junkie I was met by The ROCK (Jesus for the Biblical illitterate), Who not only saved me from sure death, but healed my body and my mind. Having lived in different parts of this earth, I can truly say that the American way of life, while far from being perfect, is the best that this world can offer: a place where truly, no one is denied his place in the sun, if willing to work for it. Europe, may have a better social support system, but in all truth, it's a closed society, with its invisible but well conceived caste system. However, When I say, "the best", I don't forget that America has its lion share of guilt in the overall scheme of things and the affaires of the world, but at least in America one can speak his mind, and there are all the freedoms needed to live a good and decent life.

So, don't dare call what I am saying unpatriotic, or worse, anti-american.

I have written on this site (and it is on record on past issues of the STRANGE DAYS column) that America has been forsaking her place of rest and safety under the shadow of God.

GOD, yes, GOD.

Most people do not want to face the factor God, and consequently, search for answers in several directions. While it is shockingly unbelievable how an operation of this magnitude and precision could be carried out without any intelligence feedback by the various agencies assigned to the purpose. So much for Echelon, Carnivore, airport face-recognition cameras and all that. And so much for all the money spent for these systems which have been revealed practically worthless, at least with regards to this tragedy. In Europe, people are asking how such a thing can happen in America's skies, allegedly the best protected on earth. In Arab countries, many are saying that this is the retribution that America gets for siding with Israel in the Middle East conflict with the Palestinians.


While there are several points that seem to discount the Official Version, the blood trail, seems to lead to Osama bin Laden (Usama bin Muhammad bin Laden) and while we may never know if he is the real sender of the death squads, without any doubt, he is the chief inspirator, the silent mentor, and the fundamental morally responsible party.

Apocalypse soon - Osama Bin Laden

If we could give Satan a face, certainly that of Osama bin Laden would do the job quite adequately. This person, who thanked his god for all the Americans who were killed, has declared war on the western world in general, and on America in particular. Please read at the end of this article a statement that he issued not too long ago.

BUT, the hard truth to face for America is that she has abandoned her ties to the God Who has blessed her throughout her existence. Some may say that America is a Christian nation, (what, with all those Christian mega-churches, the big TV evangelists and preachers, the missionaries, the social volunteers and all?) No, I reply, America has turned her back on God.

The moral decline of this nation is evident to all who still have a fairly good working mind. The things that go on in this nation, are unthinkable even as far back as 25 years ago. Why should God extend His protection (which is worth immensely more than any Echelon, Carnivore, atomic arsenals, fleets, armies and navies combined) to a nation which has literally kicked Him out of her public and private life, in the name of a distorted set of values, in the name of a self-defeating liberalism and in the name of political correctness, whatever that really means?

Let me count the ways: public prayer, abortion, Christmas displays, sexual immorality of all kinds, pornography, immoral "entertainment", degenerate and revolting art and culture, greed, violence, child and women abuse, and ... should I go on? Why should God protect a nation that allows the memory of His Son to be defiled by an obscenely blasphemous "Corpus Christi" play, or by a "Last temptation of Christ" movie, or by works of "art" such as crucifixes immersed in urine or portrayals of His Son as an effeminate stiletto heels transvestite? Just last week I read that the big American Networks are planning a new season of tv shows that will break more taboos (of those which are still left, few indeed). One headline stated that the networks were allowing blaspheming God, literally, something which has never been allowed before by a national network. Why should God protect such garbage? The mayor of New York, to whom however, goes our deepest sympathy, was quoted recently as announcing that he was going to live in with a couple of gay people. He is the same person who dressed as a woman prostitute at a party, not long ago.

Sorry, I believe that God has withdrawn His Mantle of protection from America and America is now naked and must face the future by herself.

Do I see a national repentance coming? I sincerely hope so, but I am not too sure on that. People are picking up their partying and dissolute manners from where they had stopped, and as far as Christians go, they seem too busy reciting correctly the "Prayer of Jabez", to improve themselves and their earthly lot with the latest "teachings" by the preacher-of-the-month or just being "christianly" entertained to the gills. Yes, I would love to see a revival in America, a true repentance and turning to God, but I am afraid we are too far gone on the way down. But then, and for different reasons, the whole world is.

When horror like like this happens, only fools discount or ignore the factor God, and they do so to their utter ruin.

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