Are you a Jew?

It's not an easy task for a Christian to address a Jewish person in matters of faith. For centuries, Jews have had nothing but persecution by the hands of so called "Christians." Why should they then, trust a Christian? From persecutions, inquisitions, pogroms and "final solutions," their fate has been incredibly dismal. So, their resentment is fully justified, albeit, misdirected.

But if we only look at history's events without spiritual discernment, then there are no sufficient answers or explanations that can be given, for the treatment reserved to the Jews. It just does not make any sense whatsoever that any group of people, nation or race can provoke so much hate, resentment and persecution as the Jews have throughout all of their existence. Since this anti-Jewish attitude cannot be explained in terms of human logic, the answer must necessarily reside in another realm, the spiritual one, unknown or very obscure to most. The book of Romans, sheds ample light on the subject, and unlocks the mystery, -especially chapters 9, 10 and 11.

If you are a Jew, you have probably never read it. But I beg you to do so, and let it speak honestly to your mind and to your heart.

Christians have a debt of love and gratitude towards the Jews. Those who don't think so, either they are not Christians or they have understood precious little about their faith and salvation. Suffice to say that Jesus, as a man walking the earth, was a Jew, and so were His parents, His disciples, the original Church members, the first missionaries and martyrs of the Faith and so forth. Without forgetting that the Jews have been the entrusted custodians of God's revealed Word, by way of their prophets, leaders and kings. As a Jew, you have a unique heritage and destiny, different from any other people on earth.

As to the future of the Jews, all the promises made by God to Abraham will be made manifest as Israel will enter fully into her inheritance, which she has never really possessed. Its borders will extend from the "River of Egypt" to the "Euphrates" -Gen.15:18, and she will finally have peace and security and be the most prominent nation on earth, while God will judge and destroy her enemies. Sorry, everybody else.

Future Map of Israel

Unfortunately, before Israel will assume her appointed position, she will have to go through a period called the "Tribulation," or "Jacob's trouble." While this upcoming time will be tragically disastrous for the whole earth, Israel, once more, and by the hand of the Antichrist, will suffer persecution more than most, since he will vent his rage towards her and will seek to annihilate her. The Antichrist will embody this millennial demonic hate against Israel: to eliminate Israel from the face of the earth and to prove God wrong, since the End Times prophecies of the Bible, which have Israel involved as a key element, would not and could not be fulfilled.

The alarming rise of anti-Semitism worldwide, is in front of all those who have eyes to see.
Synagogues burned or defaced, Jewish tombstones overturned, sprayed with Nazi symbols and slogans, socials which vent hate and death to Israel, personal attacks and threats are the sorry and deja vu harbingers of the approaching future.
Without any doubt, the tide is mounting and in Europe, as in almost all the planet, Israel certainly does not get fair press coverage. It may be that world feels that they need the Arab's oil more than Israel's flowers and dates, and so ethics and morality take second place to pragmatism. As always and as usual!

The news media, are mostly and unashamedly anti-Israel. Whenever the Palestinian subject comes up, Israel is always depicted as the aggressor and tyrant of a persecuted people, (whose "helpless" members think nothing of bombing, and maiming innocent people and children, and whose stated purpose is the complete destruction of Israel) while people like Arafat (ed-now deceased) are constantly given positive attention and are received with the highest of honors, by all heads of state and even by the Pope in Rome. This is not to say that all Catholics are anti-semitic, but that the tendency has been there all along, and it's still unofficially present today, regardless of late Pope John Paul's "public excuses" to the Jews for the treatment reserved them through the centuries by the hand of the Catholic Church. While we acknowledge that Pope John Paul has unquestionably done more than any other preceding pope to bridge the gap of distrust between Catholics and Jews, we must also place his goodwill gestures in their proper context. It will not be a single pope, no matter how esteemed, that will change the age old and fundamental attitude of the Catholic hierarchy.

In closing, if you are a Jew, you owe it to yourself to search your Scriptures and find out that, regardless of history past and history present, you are STILL the apple of God's eye. The prophet Zechariah, inspired by God wrote to the Jewish nation:

And I will pour on the house of David
And on the inhabitants of Jerusalem
The Spirit of Grace and Supplication
Then they will LOOK on ME the ONE they have PIERCED.
They will mourn for HIM as one mourns for his only son
And grieve for HIM as one grieves for a first born.
Zech 12:10

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