Are you a Gentile?

If you are not a Christian or a Jew, then you are a Gentile. Chances are you didn't even know it. Maybe you call yourself an American or European or white or black or this or that, but certainly it never occurred to you to call yourself a Gentile.
"And just according to whom am I classified a "Gentile"?" you may ask. According to God. You see, He has His own way to classify us, and a most precise and immutable way it is. No one can escape from His classification. Either one is a Jew, a Christian or a Gentile. In a few words a Gentile is someone who is not a Jew and who has not accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Simple and uncomplicated.

As a Gentile, you have lived your life as an atheist, without acknowledging God or maybe just paying Him lip service, or being stuck in a false religion and creed, that makes you feel a good person. Well, friend, you might not know or believe it, but you are living in a very serious situation. Sure, you have seen what "Christians" are like and you don't want any part of it. Unfortunately only the bad news come out, and only the worst examples are brought up by the media. Ministers involved in sexual scandals, money hungry preachers, holier than thou ministers, false teachers etc, grab all the headlines and naturally cast the bad light upon Christianity.

I want you to know one thing though. The people who do these things, unless they likewise repent, have no part in Christ or His kingdom. I can assure you, that in the background there are lots of Christians who really love their Lord, and do their utmost to serve Him, thereby unselfishly helping their fellow man. They have captured a true glimpse of God, and for them, nothing else will do.

So, weigh well what you believe. Life is a most serious business.

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