As a member of the Family of God, and as a brother or sister in Christ, welcome to Apocalypse soon. You will find a lot of useful information and links to selected web sites that will help you to better understand these convulsed end times in which we are living.

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It's not easy for a Christian to address a Jewish person. For centuries, Jews have had nothing but persecution by the hands of so called "Christians." Why should they then, trust a Christian? From persecutions and inquisitions to pogroms and "final solutions," their fate has been incredibly dismal. So, their resentment is fully justified, albeit, misdirected.

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If you are not a Christian or a Jew, then you are a Gentile. Chances are you didn't even know it. Maybe you call yourself an American or European or white or black or this or that, but it never occurred to you to call yourself a Gentile.

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Media and updates


Apocalypse soon - Signs of the End Times

on our youtube channel - Feb 2016

Signs and perspectives of the End - 2016

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aerial map of Israel

on Our Wordpress Blog

It is abundantly evident that Israel and the Jews in general are going through the worst times since the Nazi era of not too distant memory.

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Apocalypse soon - Amir Tsarfati

The Illuminati and the One World Government - Jan 2016

Amir Tsarfati gives a comprehensive and very lucid explanation on the subject of the Secret Socierties

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Apocalypse soon - Signs of the times

signs of the times

A current world-view of events that aligns itself to the conditions of the earth just before the Return od the Lord Jesus Christ

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